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Scratch Card Holiday

A short comedy film about a middle aged Northern couple who win a trip to London on a scratch card


Follow the story on the video showing in the video section.


Old Squirrel Films is a freelance film organization which handles the production of short films and sketches to documentaries and corporate video services.


From fictional narrative based short films to non-fiction documentaries and even corporate promotional films, Old Squirrel handles many film projects from pre to post production. Old Squirrel began filming Youtube based comedy series and film student led short films. Other projects include Ferrari Middle East promotional videos and short films covering a variety of genres. 

All work is property of the filmmaker and director, Jordan Bostock. Actors, music composers and other technical crew or individuals involved are credited during each film. Old Squirrel Studios/Old Squirrel Films est. 2012

There are two faces to every city and London is no different. On the one hand there is the light side, seen by tourists and the middle classes who live there. But there is also a dark alternative world, full of conspiracy theories, criminals and things about which nobody would ever speak. Chris Richards has been a part of both of these worlds. A reformed member of an organised crime gang, he is now going straight. He’s cleaned up his act and started up a school of martial arts in a local community centre to give something back to the community from which he took so much in the past.

Christina Victoria and Susanna are Chris’s star pupils. Victoria works for the local newspaper, Susanna is a trainee hairdresser and Christina is a drama student. When the future of their class is put in doubt, the three girls, aided by their friendly regular cabbie, hatch a plan to raise some much needed funds by helping Chris to start an online DVD sales business. Susanna suggests Zi Chan as a possible supplier of discs. But Zi and Chris have a history and it soon becomes clear that Zi has not entirely left her criminal past behind.

To protect Chris, the girls check out the background of Zi and her associates, only to find their worst fears are confirmed. They discover a DVD counterfeiting operation on a massive scale and a sinister addition to the fake discs which allows the mind of anyone viewing them to be controlled by a simple telephone call, often with fatal consequences. One such call results in the apparent suicide of a close friend of the girls and the horrible realisation that a string of recent suicides across the city are not actually suicides at all.

Now with a story so strange that nobody would believe it, Chris and the girls have no choice but to stop the counterfeiting gang themselves and save the population of London from a fate that is literally worse than death.

‘Fakers’ is a story of ordinary people who find themselves in extraordinary situations. Set in suburban North London, it is a blend of drama and science fiction, inspired in its concept and style by many American television shows of the 70s & 80s.  Go to for more information.


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